Streaming of SVG animations on the Web

This week I gave a talk during the HTML5 Developer conference in San Francisco. The conference was very interesting and I met many people doing cool things with SVG. You can view the slides of my presentation here. The gist of this presentation is: “If you create timeline-based animations and you structure them properly, using some of my tools (packager and JS player) you can stream SVG content on the Web just like a video, including live or adaptive streaming”. I’m still working on those tools but will be releasing them soon.

[slideshare id=27516554&doc=thegraphicalweb2013-131024003537-phpapp02]

2 thoughts on “Streaming of SVG animations on the Web”

  1. Hi Cyril, I enjoyed your talk at the HTML5 Conference. I recall that there was a graph on the memory usage of various types of media — that seemed to make a significant argument for SVG streaming. I don’t seem to see it in the slides you posted above, though.

    1. Thank you for your interest. Maybe the graph you are talking about is the one in slide 7. If you want more information, you can check here:
      C. Concolato, J. Le Feuvre and J. C. Moissinac, Timed-fragmentation of SVG documents to control the playback memory usage, ACM Symposium on Document Engineering, Winnipeg, Canada, August 2007, pp. 121-124 PDF

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