On leave from Telecom ParisTech

Starting today and for a period of 6 months, I’ll be on leave from Telecom ParisTech, back some time in April 2012. I’ll check my emails from time to time but don’t expect rapid answers. I’ll still be working on some of my favorite multimedia topics but from a different place (far from Paris). So, you may find me in some meeting or have some emails from me.

For matters related to Telecom ParisTech or GPAC, please contact my colleagues from Telecom ParisTech. For other matters, you can contact me on Twitter or by private emails.

SVG Folded Maps in 3D environments

Some time ago, Erik Dahlström made an SVG version of a folded Google Map. That map uses images, masks and clippers to produce a 3D effect. It is adapted from an HTML/CSS/SVG folded map. I found both pretty cool but I thought I could make another interesting version using 3D tools. Here it is. It’s a mix of 3D shapes onto which I map an SVG content retrieved from OpenStreeetMap. Unfortunately, there’s no shading but interestingly the map folds/unfolds with animations. It’s written in VRML/MPEG-4 BIFS textual language. I guess it could easily be made with WebGL as well (and has been done in a very nice demo by Adobe with CSS Shaders). It works only in GPAC but you can see a resulting video here: