Publication at MMSys 2011

Recently, I have been playing with two technologies on which I’ve been working for a while: interactive content and multimedia delivery. The result is a publication at MMSys 2011, which will be presented in February 2011 (See the program for the conference here). The paper is about how to deliver interactive applications (written in HTML5 or MPEG-4 BIFS) using HTTP Streaming technologies such as MPEG DASH or 3GPP AHS.

J. Le Feuvre, C. Concolato, J.-C. Dufourd, R. Bouqueau and J.-C. Moissinac, Experimenting with Multimedia Advances using GPAC, ACM Multimedia, Scottsdale, USA, November 2011 [PDF] [DOI 10.1145/2072298.2072427].

M. Gowing, Ph. Kell, N. E. O'Connor, E. Izquierdo, V. Kitanovski, X. Lin, Q. Zhang, C. Concolato, S. Essid, J. Le Feuvre and R. Tournemenne, Enhanced Visualisation of Dance Performance from Automatically Synchronised Multimodal Recordings, ACM Multimedia, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, November 2011 [PDF] [DOI 10.1145/2072298.2072414 ].

J.-C. Dufourd, S. Thomas and C. Concolato, Recording and Delivery of HbbTV Applications, EuroITV, Lisbonne, Portugal, June 2011, pp. 51-54 [PDF] [DOI 10.1145/2000119.2000129].

C. Concolato, J. Le Feuvre and R. Bouqueau, Usages of DASH for Rich Media Services, Multimedia Systems Conference, San Jose, USA, February 2011 [PDF] [DOI 10.1145/1943552.1943587].