MPEG-4 BIFS and MPEG-2 TS Seminar @ WorldDMB

I gave the following presentations during the Seminar on MPEG-4 BIFS and MPEG-2 TS for the WorldDMB Technical Committee. The first one explains the basics of MPEG-4 BIFS and the second one shows the latest developments for Digital Radio Services, the new BIFS tools and profiles and the modification for the proposed carriage of those services over MPEG-2 TS. As usual, if you have any comment please contact me.

BIFS Overview (PDF)

[slideshare id=8109618&doc=bifsoverview-110526064121-phpapp01]

MPEG-4 BIFS and MPEG-2 TS Latest Developments for Digital Radio (PDF)

[slideshare id=8109412&doc=worlddmbseminarbifs-10526062010-phpapp02]

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