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A long time ago (back in 2006), a student approached me to create comics for mobile phones. I suggested he used SVG Tiny 1.2 as this was a promising standard at that time in the mobile industry.

Recently, I came across his work on some old archive and I thought, since the student did not go further (I think, I lost track of him), it should be made available for people to get inspired by it.

Here it is. It’s all declarative. SVG path elements for the graphics. SVG animations for the page changes, triggered using the “AccessKey” feature and the DOM Key names. Each page of the comic was meant to be triggered hitting the “5” key on the mobile phone. In declarative SVG, it was difficult to trigger a different page change with the same key. You’d need to activate/deactivate a listener declaratively (there was a solution for that in dead MPEG-4 LASeR). Instead, despite the French text that says hit “5”, you have to alternatively hit ‘g’/’h’ to trigger page changes. It works only in Firefox and GPAC. You can download the GPAC player here.

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