End of Intermedia

After 4 years of working together with european partners on the topic of “user-centric media” in the Network of Excellence Intermedia, the project is now finished. The reviewers said:

Excellent work, exemplary integration of heterogeneous partners has been achieved. The collaboration of the partners and the integration of their work have been successfully proved. The work on the collaboration and integration has been very fruitful as it is proven by the many demonstrators and proof of concepts that have been produced. Broad range of sub-projects covering a variety of multi-media interactions, infrastructure and application scenarios were shown to the public that may generate significant social impact. In general, achievements are on par with work being done in industrial labs elsewhere. The quantity and the quality of the publications are impressive. The coordination work had key role to the success of the project. Although it is a NoE, the technical achievements have been significant.

I would not agree on all points, and would have suggestions on how to improve our work but I’m happy about the result.

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